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Registration at a Belgian embassy or consulate

The registration in the consular registers is not obligated, although it is strongly recommended. Only Belgian citizens registered in the consular registers of the Embassy can make use of the majority of our consular services (eg. passport, eID,...)


  • You are a Belgian citizen
  • You are currently no longer registered in the population registers of a Belgian commune/city.
    (!) Should this still be the case, please contact the specific commune to request removal from their population registers. Only once your file in the National Registry of Belgium has been modified by the population services, is the Embassy capable of registering you. If not, your file remains inaccessible to us.
  • You have a legal residence within the jurisdiction of the Embassy (Norway/Iceland)
  • Minors can only be registered with the approval of both parents or their legal guardian.

How to register?

To register, the following documents are to be transmitted to the Embassy by post or, by preferance, by e-mail. Personal presence is not required.

  • Per Belgian member of the family: registration form (only available in Dutch and French).
  • The "Model 8". The model 8 is the written confirmation of your removal of the population registers of your last Belgian commune/city. If you come from another diplomatic post, you are not required to present the model 8 as the Embassy will request your file. Keep in mind that this may cause certain delays.
  • Copy of your Belgian passport or ID-card.
  • Registration form for the elections (only available in Dutch French, German).
  • Evidence of legal residence within the jurisdiction of the Embassy, on the condition your actual address is mentioned:
    For Norway, please provide one of the following documents: Bostedsattest (Folkeregister), Underretning om registrert flytting (Folkeregister) or Registreringsbevis (Norwegian Police). The Registreringsbevis is a single use document. If the Registreringsbevis no longer mentions your actual address, it has lost its use.

    For Iceland, please provide an Extract from the Icelandic Population Registers (www.skra.is)

Registration of newborns

If you wish to register your newborn, please forward, by e-mail, the following documents to the Embassy: birth certificate, passport of the mother, passport of the father. Based on these documents, the Embassy will communicate the procedure applicable for you.

After registration, the Embassy is to be informed of:

  • Every possible change regarding your civil state of yourself and/or family members, through means of a certified copy of the concerned certificate. For exemple: marriage-, divorce-; birth- or adoption certificate, or declaration of a Belgian name change;
  • Every change regarding the composition of family;
  • Every change regarding your nationality;
  • Every change of address or profession.

It is your own responsibility of informing the Embassy of any of the above-mentioned situations!